Days of Our Lives 2 :- Morning Exercises

Well, I asked H to research free photo sharing resources and he told me,

“Make another blog.”

I never thought of that.

So here I am, with an offshoot of Days of Our Lives. I have reached my limit in photo capacity with it and I need more free space. This H’s proposed solution. Hence the birth of Days of Our Lives 2.

So, with photos, I can somewhat recall what we did in the past two months inshaAllah.

When summer started and school was out, we frequented the school playground behind our house, and played basketball, frisbee, badminton. After fajr, before it got too hot, we would go with our water canteens, and balls. Usually no one was there, so it was really nice. We could make all the noise we wanted to make, which I did.

When we played basketball, it was 2 on 2, and whenever we played it was always hilarious. Either they were laughing at me, or we were laughing at each other. It was fun. Z on the other hand occupied himself with digging the ground. He tossed the frisbee a couple of times but other than that, he didn’t run around much. Maybe because he couldn’t really play with us, but when we offered him, he refused. These were also the times when I would make heart breakfast for us: brown rice, quinoa. And so, I would cook the brown rice or quinoa while they got ready and when it was ready, we would go to the playground and when we got home there was a hearty breakfast to eat.

Since we’re usually rushing to go before it got too hot, Z would not have had his breakfast. This was on a day where we brought his breakfast. At the playground, we put it on the ground. Ants immediately flocked to it.

On a Memorial day, where hubs was off work, we went to the playground and a bit later, hubs joined us. We also came home to a freshly cooked meal of quinoa.

However, as I mentioned in the post in the old blog, once summer programs for the kids started, we stopped going, and now it’s Ramadan. But this was really fun while it lasted. Once school starts again, we won’t be able to do this anymore.

the basketball court and playground






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