a grub the kids unearthed when they were working the soil in the pots

I didn’t want to start a garden this year, because last year, I completely abandoned my flowers, so I didn’t want to torture them anymore. But the kids wanted a vegetable garden. Plus, Z had been reading The Carrot Seed, so I gave in when they said they want to have a garden this year, but not a lame flower garden that you can’t do anything with. (Well)

So we bought some carrot seeds, and planted them. Our old pots were still sitting around with the soil in them, soil that had dried out. I bought new potting soil and we just added it to the old soil and worked them out with water and a trowel.

It was nice to see Z getting to do this. The older kids grew up gardening too when we were in Colz, and it’s one thing I want them to experience at that age. I wish we have ground that we can directly garden in though, but oh well. Alhamdulillah for the pots.

I had told the kids I didn’t want a garden because I don’t think I can take care of it this year, seeing as how I abandoned it last year. But N and H persisted in saying they can take care of it, and that they will water the plants.

Well, they have and they haven’t. I’ve been the one eager to check on the chilli plants and the okra, and eggplant. I also replanted my lemongrass. We had gone to Dallas at the end of June, and we were gone for a weekend. I was fretting about how to have the plants watered while we were gone. Hubs took the pots to the masjid because they have an automatic sprinkler. But when we came back and got them back, some of my lemongrass stalks were gone. I was thinking it might be the young kids. Can’t explain it otherwise. But Alhamdulillah, we still have 3 left. I have planted maybe like 5-6 stalks.

the carrot seeds

sowing the seeds…many hands make work light


The plants are growing quite well alhamdulillah. Everytime I go to check on them, I remind myself subhanallah, that it’s Allah who is nourishing and nurturing these plants to grow. Gardeners usually take pride in their gardens and attribute it to their care and attention to the plants, but really, it’s Allah. There are a couple of times where it rained and I was thinking,

“Oh Alhamdulilah, we don’t have to water the plants today.”

And whether they get infested by bugs or not, is also up to Allah. That is one thing I don’t like about caring for plants; that they get diseases I don’t know how to handle. In the first year I planted chillies, but they were infested with diseases and then I just gave up trying anymore and resorted to flowers. But this year so far, the plants seem to be thriving. Alhamdulillah.

the carrot seeds emerged.

the carrot seeds now


I don’t actually know when we could pull up the carrots, but I’m guessing they would be tiny because we kind of crowded the pots but planted all the seeds.

N’s tomato plant

N’s tomato plant now


Okra from the farmer’s market along with the tomato, chillies and eggplant

the okra seedling now



eggplant seedling

the egglant seedling now, though it still had that one weak leaf that I just removed this morning


Thai Chilli



the Chilli plants now, a lot of flowers now


my lemongrass before some were gone

our vegetable garden in May/June

our vegetable garden now


After we came back from Dallas and got the pots back from the masjid, the kids were looking at the plants when they found a huge hideous caterpillar. I’m not exaggerating. It was HUGE! S and N were then waiting for Jn to pick them for their volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club of LC, and I heard screams and then they barged inside the house. We ended up finding a huge jar and before they left they dropped the huge caterpillar in it. Then they filled it with soil.

the kids filled a big plastic jar with soil and placed the Tomato Hornworm they found in it and covered it with plastic wrap and secured it. Reminds me of my childhood when I used to ‘raise’ Monarch in glass jars.

When they googled, it was a Tomato Hornworm, which they aptly found at N’s tomato plant. Good thing they caught it. Subhaanallah, think about it, Allah had decreed that they find it, so that the tomato plant can thrive. It apparently is a pest for tomato plants. The kids then researched it and the jar sat in the sunroom for the longest time. When I saw them covering it with the cloth, I asked why. They said that it needs darkness. It had apparently turned to the pupa stage subhanallah. Maybe that was why it was so fat.

Feeding the Tomato Hornworm, leaves from N’s tomato plant

This morning, at suhoor, I was checking out the house because of a certain smell I woke up to. I went to the sunroom and heard a fluttering sound. It came from the jar. The pupa had finally turned into a moth, after a month. S was even going to dump it out because she thought it was dead. Subhanallah, so N took some photos of it today. We haven’t released it yet though, because we wanted to release it as far away from our house as possible so it wouldn’t harm the tomato plant, or lay eggs there.



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