Ramadan 1433 : Quran and Hadith Competition

Alhamdulillah, this year’s Ramadan, a historical event took place: the two masjids have united. Alhamdulillah! And with that, came activities from the Saudi and Kuwaiti brothers: a Ramadan Quran and Hadith competition along with Trivias. S even won the cash award for the trivia held on the first few days. They handed out questions on paper and the attendees are to answer them and hand them back in. They all helped each other and they ended up with so many correct answers that they had to do a draw. S’ paper was drawn, her rizq.

For the Quran competition, N is doing an Naba (for kids under 15), S is doing Al Mulk (for non Arabic speaking adults) and H, because he is in a different category due to him doing hifdh, is doing al Kahf (for Arab speaking adults). There is also to be a hadith memorizing competition. I look forward to that one. As it turns out I’m also participating in the Quran competition, but I’m only going to recite Maryam up till where I have memorized. I had committed to memorizing Maryam for Ramadan so I won’t be done with it till the end of Ramadan. The judging for the competition will be this weekend to next week, so I will recite whatever I have memorized till then. I couldn’t do Al Kahf or Mulk because I had memorized it before hand, hence Maryam. H couldn’t do Mulk because he had already memorized it too.

When he started to do Kahf, he told me that he had already accidentally memorized it due to reading it every Friday. When I checked him he had memorized like 90% of it. He still has trouble with the last 4 pages of it, but he’s working on it now.

I love that they have this this Ramadan. The trivia that they give out actually stirred excitement and it’s a good way to get people to learn about the deen in a way. So may Allah bless and reward those brothers who initiated this and everyone involved. Ameen!

We end up testing each other on our surahs, and I love the Quranic atmosphere that is produced as a result. Alhamdulillah!

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