Ramadan 1433: Z’s Turn

This year, I thought I’d do the Ramadan chain for Z, since he is a little older and can probably understand it a bit more. This was a last minute decision, but while watching Little House on the Prairie, we managed to have Z cut strips of construction paper, write letters spelling out EID MUBARAK on them (one letter per strip), and make a paper chain to hang up. This chain is specifically just for him.

So just like I did with the 3 older kids years ago, every night, we would take one chain down, and tack it on the wall. This time I put it by the staircase too, just like I did in Colz with the older kids. So far so good, alhamdulillah. While the older kids are doing their Muslim Countries projects, Z is going through each day in Ramadan with these Ramadan chains as a measuring tool. Since Ramadan will be going into the depths of summer in the upcoming years, I don’t know about training him to fast as of yet, especially with his hypoglycemia. Next step for him would be the Ramadan fasting chart. But I think that might not happen till a few more years, and I hope by then he would have outgrown his allergies inshaAllah.

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