Yes, your room has been clean, so you can get fish now…

We were at Marshall’s and somehow, it came up to take Z to Petco because he was bored or something. We went in, and the girls were talking about getting fish and somehow, they asked me, and I thought for while.

Their room have been kept pretty tidy for quite some time, so I said yes.

It became a learning experience too, because S’ fish (she had to choose one that is so like her in terms of health) had tummy issues. We had a good laugh about it (not at the expense of Iceblaze(her fish)) more at her expense. Of all fish, she had to have one that is most like her.

The fish that we got H is still alive, alhamdulillah. I didn’t actually expect it to be alive for long, because when I tried keeping goldfish back when we were in Georgia, they died pretty quickly. But this was nice. I still won’t allow them to have cats as pets, but fish is okay for now.


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