Teens in the Kitchen

H was the mastermind of making Sponge Cake with Fruit and Cream.

Because we were fasting, the kids had this desire to make food upon food upon food. Even when I told them to stop, because since we were fasting, we couldn’t eat much anyway. We only get to eat at Iftar, rush to the masjid for tarawih, come back home, go to bed, and eat at suhoor. At least for me, there wasn’t much time or space in my stomach to fit in dessert. It seems ironic that they are making a lot of food in Ramadan. Kind of defeating the purpose. I have a feeling they don’t really get the whole spirit of Ramadan, well they do, but they can get carried away with the food aspect of it. Many times I had to remind them of what Ramadan is all about.

It’s pretty frustrating because as they grow older, I expect them to be wiser but I guess everyone has to go through these phases. I just hope they go through it quickly and get back on track. Parenting teens is harder in this sense. This is where I feel lacking. A lot.

They did do a good job of recording and documenting it though. Some of the shots they took are really nice. I’ll give them credit for that.

They’re at the stage where I can be napping, and when I wake up, food or dessert is ready. I told my mother what they were up to and she said, “Well, now that they can make their own food, they make what they want and eat what they want!” That’s one disadvantage if all they make is dessert! And pizza!

One of them took this shot. Pretty good. I took some too but when I was about to choose which photo to put up, I decided their shots had better lighting than mine.

But, I think it teaches them to plan ahead, especially when they are in need of ingredients that we didn’t have in our pantry. They know what day we usually grocery shop, so they would make the list, and then plan their baking/cooking. So it’s good life skills they are acquiring inshaAllah. I can leave these kids alone in a well equipped kitchen and they can feed themselves. As for it being healthy or not, well, they know what is healthy and what is not, and S adheres more to the healthy food than do N or H, and I still nag them with healthy eating, but I’m reaching a point where I may no longer have a dominating influence over them. They may have to get sick first, or be exposed to healthy-eating nag from other people they respect before they turn to healthy eating on their own. I’m reaching that point where I’m ready to hand them off to the world, and it’s a scary stage.

Because the sun was no longer sending its rays generously, as it was almost sunset, I took this shot outside to get the most of what light was left.

H complained about the folding that was required in making the sponge cake for this dessert. S had helped him and they claimed that they had followed the directions but it still fell flat when they added the butter. I had my own boo-boos with folding too when I first began baking. It’s a skill you just have to master through practice, I told him. But he waves it off with an air of aggravation. S made the top layer of this cake and H made the bottom. I took the shots. It feels nice to just take shots of ready-made food without having to go through the process of making it. This is one advantage of having kids who can make food. šŸ™‚

They love making pizza too. H particularly does. They love to eat it too. I’m not much of a pizza fan. Once in a while, yes, but not too often. My taste buds are still pretty much Malaysian. I can’t take the cheese that much. Cheese to me is almost probably what Durians are to most Westerners.

I love this shot. One of the kids took it.

This is also a very nice and apt shot! Mashaallah. Again, one of them took it.

N’s sugar cookies


S made apple pie from the apples (organic and fresh) we bought from the Farmer’s market. They even found a worm in one of them.


It was a bit too watery when it was done, but it was still pretty good actually.


And for some reason, I am not able to upload the video they made of the apple worm.





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