Ice Cream Cakes

On Eid

My attempts at making ice cream cakes were not very successful in the past, despite it being actually very straightforward and simple. I decided to try again on Eid. My problem with it was that I froze the assembled cake, thus resulting in a frozen cake that is difficult to cut. So, this time, I told the kids to google ice cream cake, to find out the method and science behind it. That’s one advantage of having older kids. You get a second chance at trying things you’ve failed at in the past with a new team of helpers.

The resulting ice cream cake

So I found out that the cake needn’t be frozen, and that only the ice cream needs to be frozen, and made separately from the cake. This way, the ice cream would be frozen and the cake is not, and so you accommodate both the cake part and the ice cream part. H and S made the ice cream part by laying out plastic wrap in the cake pan and packing softened ice cream in it so it takes the shape of the pan. While they were doing that, I repeatedly told them to smooth out the wrinkles in the plastic wrap and to have a lot of overhang because they were going to wrap the whole ice cream disc in it. They groaned and said I was being too ‘fancy’.

Later on, when it was time to assemble the cake, while they were unwrapping their ice cream dics, I had the last line. My mantra : easy now, difficult later proved true. Their wrapping of the ice cream discs was so unkempt that some bits of the plastic wrap was frozen and couldn’t be pried out. They somehow did manage to pry it out though Alhamdulillah.

This is the only time I allowed making cakes from a cake mix which was given to us by a friend recently. Usually, I don’t use cake mixes, as part of an effort to reduce consumption of processed food. Since the cake mix produces two cake layers, we made two ice cream discs. One of them, we assembled on Eid day, while our guests were eating. It was pretty easy, though we forgot to make the chocolate fudge, so the resulting cake was without any drizzle of chocolate fudge. I just sprinkled it with some chocolate shavings.


We used the comb to produce this effect on the sides of the cake


The second ice cream cake we attempted had a chocolate fudge. This was much later on a weekend. H made the chocolate fudge, and S whipped up the heavy cream. The resulting cake was more adorned, but we all agreed that the whipped cream was a little bit too sickly. Not that it was bad, just that eating a lot of it was a bit too buttery for us. Which is a good thing. I never did like cake frosting. The powdered sugar kind is too sweet, and the buttery one is too buttery. Rolled fondant is too … rubbery, gummy, and candy-ish, and iced fondant is too sweet. I have yet to find a frosting recipe that allows for elaborate decorating and pleasing to my palate. My only reason for wanting to use frosting is for aesthetic purposes.

The chocolate fudge had been sitting for a while and so when it was time to drizzle it over the cake, it wasn’t too cooperative. Oh well…


Anyway, we had our fill of ice cream cakes and probably won’t make it for a while.

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