Z Books: Babies on The Go, Flip, Float, Fly

Our morning schedule is beginning to somewhat take a pattern now. After Fajr, H and N will do Arabic With Husna, and then we do Tafseer from Bayyinah Podcast. Meanwhile, S does her Taleem Quran online, from 6:30 am till 1:30 pm. Then, N and H starts schoolwork, and while they do their work, I read to Z. I’m happy it’s turning out like this because before, I couldn’t for the life of me have this schedule. Now that the older kids are working on their own, and having them attend online classes really really really help! Alhamdulillah. Before, I would be the one doing the lessons with them and it really takes up a lot of energy and time on my part. Now, this way, I have the time and energy to read with Z and do things with him, so Alhamdulillah! I hope this keep up and becomes easier inshaAllah.

So today, I read these books to Z. Even Z has begun to notice this pattern in our schedule, I think. Before, when I would tell him to pick a book for me to read to him, he would resist, because I would do it so randomly. But now, when I do that, he would happily pick a book from the library stack we have. Tuesday is our library day and so we usually get new books on that day.

Babies on the Go by Linda Ashman

I made sure to emphasize that it is Allah who makes these animals love their babies so much so that they would care for and carry their babies in their own respective ways.

At the end of this I asked him which animal was his favorite, and he picked the polar bear and Kangaroo.

Alhamdulillah, the older kids, I feel, and hope, have this connection with Allah somewhat at least. I always tell them to ask Allah if they want anything, and I even tell them that when they feel like they don’t want to do something, do it for His sake and that even if they feel under appreciated by us, remember that Allah appreciates them and will reward them. This is so that they hopefully won’t just do the ritual worship externally but not feel it internally. This is really a challenge for a parent (at least for me) to train their children in, but from experience and observation, I feel the key to this is to instill that connection with Allah early on. Their fitrah is strongest when they’re young, and when I started homeschooling the kids, this is one of the reasons why I decided to do it.

I thought I would send them to school when they’re older, but as I began to see what seems to happen in schools, I decided to keep them with me all the way till college. Hopefully, by then, they will be strong and wise enough to deal with the real wold completely on their own, and for that to happen, I have to make strong their foundation. May Allah help me, because there are times when I don’t think I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s not like I have had experience before in doing this, so…

We also read Flip, Float, Fly! but he didn’t seem to be too beholden to this one and while I was reading this, he took the book that we read last week; Guess What Is Growing Inside This Egg. I flipped through some pages in the Flip, Float, Fly book and pointed out some pages to get his attention back. But he quickly want to move on to the egg book, so we read it again.

This time, I asked him to guess what animal it was and he responded. We also focused on what baby ducks are called and what baby spiders are called. He loved the page with the actual eggs sizes and kept laughing at the minuteness of the spider eggs. I made sure to emphasize that he octopus egg is as big as a grain of rice. It’s nice that the book has this page with the actual size of the egg.

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