Z Books: Is This A House For Hermit Crab?

Today is library day, and I had prepped to go to the library while the kids are having their homeschool book study class. So it was Z and I who put the books in the bag. I usually ask him which books he wants to return so while he was choosing, he came upon the book Is This a House For Hermit Crab? By Megan McDonald. He asked me to read it.

I have been having a sore and hoarse throat these few days and I am losing my voice especially today, but I read it to him. It was a very brief read and I felt tired and exhausted for some reason. But he loved it and he even said,

“This is like the other hermit crab book.”

“Yeah, you mean the one by Eric Carle?”


He remembered the A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle we had read months ago. In fact, that book went missing for such a long time that I had accrued fines for it. I had wanted to actually pay for the book because we couldn’t find it but the librarian told us to just keep on renewing it because it will eventually turn up and paying for the book is more expensive than accruing fines, which is only up to $20 max anyway. So recently, Z found the book…in his backpack! All the while we’ve been looking for it almost everywhere BUT in his backpack! Oyy…..

After I was done reading, I briefly googled hermit crab on Youtube and found this,

but he didn’t have time to watch it because we had to go to the library. But I also found this Reading Rainbow episode on Vimeo, which reminds me of when the older kids used to watch it and even entered the annual story writing competition when they were younger.

I also found a nice unit study package for the book, and I looked through it. I guess it’s about time I do some hands-on activities with Z. I had just checked out Janice Van Cleave’s book from the library and hoping to do some activities with Z. My classes resume tomorrow, and I have one article due end of this week, so my schedule is a little tight, but hopefully it peters out soon inshaAllah.

At the library, Z is a seasoned automatic book check-outER now. I was about to check out the books and I told him to get in line to have the librarian unlock the DVDs, but he chose to check out the books instead. To my surprise, he took the DVDs and gave them to me, saying,

“You go over there…” pointing for me to get in line to unlock the DVDs.

Like father like son. I say that, because hubs is a man of efficiency and is always looking for opportunities to minimize waiting time and be efficient. It has rubbed off on me too and now apparently on Z.


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