When we went to play tennis last Sunday, I collected some leaves for Z. When I showed it to him he was fascinated, at first, but he wasn’t as fascinated with it as I’d hoped. Still, I picked some at different stages of its losing its chlorophyll.

I was planning on sitting with Z and showing him how when the chlorophyll leaves the leaves, the green goes away and it turns brown.

Come to think of it though, he has been asking me,

“Is it going to be winter now?”

So at least I know he is at least aware of the seasons. With Z, I can’t really tell what he knows or what he understands as I did with the older kids. With his speech delay and some developmental delay, I don’t expect too much from him, so when he does show some understanding, it is a pleasant surprise.

Well, at least, if I put these photos on the blog, when he decides he is more interested in botany, maybe I can sit with him and talk about it. Right now, he’s exploring other things. I’ll leave him be. He looked excited when he was checking out the books I got for him at the library. You could clearly see the joy in his smile with each book that he scanned. I guess I never had the time to really observe the older kids like that when they were that age. Or even if I did, I have forgotten. With Z, it’s like I’ve been given a second chance, but in a different form. It’s different.

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