What is the Quran’s Perspective on Insults to Our Prophet saw?

Recently, we’ve been having a halaqa(study circle) for sisters at the masjid on Fridays after isha. Last Friday, Rj called me to tell me that the other sisters were not coming because of what happened. As usual, I don’t really follow the news (yes, a bad thing, a continuous struggle) so I was oblivious to what happened.

I told S to find out what happened from her student CNN website. I find the news website to be somewhat vulgar nowadays. What used to be private is now splayed all over the virtual and real pages, in public. I even cringe when I want to let my kids read the news. Politically correct or not, keep your private life private. When the private life is open as such, I guess I consider it our world turning upside down. Nothing is shameful anymore. Our sense of Hayaa is in danger, and lowering the gaze becomes an even more difficult feat (I’m guessing) for our brothers, as it also is for sisters. May Allah guide and help us be steadfast. Ameen. Fawaahish is everywhere, Muslim country or not.

So, we found out what happened, and it reminds me of what Wisam Sharief once said. He said that there is this button the enemies of Islam like to control. They push it, expecting the typical emotional reaction of these ‘barbarious’ Moslems, and they get it, and it is splayed in the global media, proving just how violent these Moslems truly are. And we Muslims, dumbly react to the push of this button, as you can see.

I also sense a kind of split between Muslims in the Muslim-majority countries and Muslims in the west. As far as I know, Muslims in the west so far are taking it in a non emotionally reactional manner, and we are at the risk of being accused of taking it too lightly. The challenge of Muslims in the majority non Muslim countries are really different than the challenges of Muslims in Muslim majority countries. I think sometimes, this divides us in terms of our perspectives on how Islam should be practiced.

But, all sound Muslims would agree that reacting with violence and murder is not the way. At least I hope so. Plus, you can always choose not to watch the movie. Give it attention and it’s like giving attention to an annoying kid at school who likes to annoy you because he wants your annoyed reaction. Seriously.

But, as usual, Ustadh Nouman puts it very nicely in light of the Quran. I love it.

There is another video too that I love, especially on the speaker’s comparison between the romance of Muhammad saw and Aisha r.a. and Romeo and Juliet, but because he spoke a bit explicitly in there with regard to the topic I wish not to even state here, I decided not to put it up.

Just this morning, we finished tafseer of Surah Al Kauthar, and in our discussion session, it was the perfect opportunity to discuss how to respond to insults on the Prophet saw. The cause of revelation of this short but deep surah is the death of the Prophet saw’s baby son. At the death of his (saw) son, Abu Lahab danced for joy because apparently, the Prophet’s saw lineage is cut off because all his sons died. When Allah revealed this surah, the first ayah didn’t even mention the enemies’ accusations/condemnation against the Prophet saw because it was too lowly to be mentioned. Instead, the surah starts with mentioning the abundance that Allah has bestowed on His messenger saw. The focus is on the blessings and favor that have been bestowed, and the end, Allah mentions that it’s the enemies who will be cut off, but doesn’t even mention who it was. Interestingly, the Prophet saw is being lauded with praise every second through azhaan everyday in all parts of the world. But the one who mentioned that the Prophet saw was ‘cut off’ is not even remembered.

There will always be insults to our prophets, and we see so much of it especially to Jesus a.s. We believe in Jesus a.s. as a prophet, so how come we’re not reacting violently to people’s misrepresentation of him or insults to him? If we are to respond as such to every insult thrown our way, our focus and mission to spread our prophets’ teachings through our behavior will be lost. That is what the shaytaan wants, so why take his bait?

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