Our Caterpillar Farm :- They have gone to their burrows

All the tomato hornworms have now gone to their burrows. H finally made his terrarium for his caterpillar. He didn’t bother giving it a name unlike the girls.

H’s terrarium

One called Squirt. Z’s caterpillar. He wrote this himself.

Once called Nectaris

trying to climb up the wall

You can see the burrow opening to the top right

another burrow opening

the double terrarium

The Teraarium S made, for one caterpillar named Neptune

So now we’re just waiting for them to turn into hawkmoths, and this time, we will inshaAllah release them at the right time. In the meantime, the eggs we supposed are hawkmoth eggs are still attached to the leaf of my chilli plant and not yet hatched.

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