Online Classes: Oil Pastel, Magnetism, TQ, and Kitchen Chemistry

N is taking Oil Pastel class on Currclick and it started this morning. We had gone to Hobby Lobby yesterday on the way back from the library to get her materials. She didn’t really prepare as she should ahead of class and by the time I was done with my class, she had started her class and then told me she needs a printout. Well, she was a bit left behind but we figure it out and by the end of class she was pretty caught up, alhamdulillah.

They did a Lily.

She likes the class, so I asked her if she wants to take another of those classes. I was looking through Currclick for more classes and figured I’ll wait till they put up new classes.

So far so good.

H also started his Magnetism class today. He committed a major boo boo for which I was really angry about. I hope he doesn’t do that anymore. But he also likes Science Jim, the instructor. He actually said,

“Actually he’s a pretty good teacher.”

So I am thinking of having him take all of Science Jim’s classes in Physics and that they would hopefully give him a good grounding for high school Physics. At least he’d be interested.

I’ve also been looking at Kitchen Chemistry for N’s high school. When I googled it I landed on The Well-Trained Mind forums, which has really been a big help to me in figuring out how to homeschool high school.

I found this Kitchen Chemistry resource which is really interesting. And of course there is MIT’s OpenCourseWare Kitchen Chemistry. So we’ll see. This time, since my course will inshaAllah end Feb of next year, I look forward to have more time to spend planning out their courses and focusing on homeschooling more, without being pulled at from many different sources. As I say this, I am thinking to myself,

I’m sure I will still be as busy if not more, if I am still alive that is.

One of the desktops at home. N in her Oil Pastel class

On the other desktop in the house, S in her TQ class, having a break so I took over this computer during her 1 hour break

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