Math U See VS. Teaching Textbook

We used Math U See for years. Then, S said that she didn’t really get Algebra I with Math U See. She told me this after she had done Geometry with Math U See. So I went to Vegsource and bought Teaching Textbook. Before that, I had bought Teaching Textbook Pre-Algebra for H. H did it, but he complained that it was too easy and slow. He went back to Math U See.

But it made me think that maybe Teaching Textbook is better for the girls. H is generally impatient. With his Math, he doesn’t like to show his work, everything is done mentally, and we keep telling him to show his work, whether they are right or wrong. I also like Teaching Textbook because it gives all the solutions. I don’t have to do anything. It’s hands-off for me. With Math U See, not so much.

So, S started doing Teaching Textbook Algebra I and because she is registered for PSAT in October, she’s moving faster. I ask her almost everyday where she is at her math. Today she told me,

“I love math now, so don’t keep asking me about it. I might hate it.”


“I don’t like learning things in a different fun way. I learn things better the other way.”

She means traditionally. Or with regards to math, she means she prefers Teaching Textbook.

“I actually understand it now.”

Nice. Hands-Off. Understanding. Love. I Like!

But for H, I’ll probably let him stay with Math U See, because he doesn’t like Teaching Textbook. N is still doing Math U See, but I intended to switch her to Teaching Textbook for Pre Algebra inshaAllah. I had tried with S, to use a method of math very much like Life of Fred, but she didn’t get it either. So subhanallah, it actually makes it easier for me if she learns things better the traditional way!

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