OKC Day 1

I didn’t really want to drive in OKC. I hate parking garages with steep spiral ramps. It reminds me of the days when I learned to drive my father’s old manual Toyota in my teens. Balancing the clutch and accelerator was particularly embarassing at steep points as my engines would usually die and I’d be the center of attention. Even though we drive automatic now, I still have that fear that the car woudl stop, stall, and roll backwards.

But the kids are bored and want to go out. Z has been asking me to go out. I want to stay in the room where it’s nice and cool. But I will have class on Wednesday and today and tomorrow are the only days I can go out with them so I guess I’d better. Poor them.

Since S has class since 7:30 am this morning and will end at 2:30 pm, we’ll wait for her. In the meantime I told N and H on Oklahoma and particularly the Oklahoma City National and Memorial Museum. I told H to look up downtown trolley info, and he drew the map, and is supposed to be our guide for getting around downtown. It’s time for delegation of work and they’re old enough to handle it. If we get lost, the blame will completely be on him *evil laughter*.

Well, as it turned out, hubs was able to go out with us, and so we all went out. We went to the Water Taxi in Bricktown. Passed by Peachwave, a frozen yogurt place that N eyed on the way to the Water taxi ticket counter.

We got onto the water taxi and received a good history lesson of Oklahoma City. I love going on these types of tours. Even though I love reading, it can get a bit too much reading a lot of info on a Museum visit. The kids are usually always rushing anyway so I never really get to do all my reading. I’m more of a visual than audio, but in this hectic life I think I’ve sometimes become more audio just because I have so many things to read and can’t spare usage of my strained and dry eyes anymore as a result.

Z loved getting on the water taxi but as we cruised along the man made canal, he seemed to grow restless. He did love seeing the ducks though. After the ride, we went to the souvenir shop and the girls got some earrings. Then we went to Peachwave and alhamdulillah, those whose birthdays are today get a free 16 oz frozen yogurt of their choice! So N got one for free. I had actually forgotten she turned 14 today.

We walked back to the hotel. Z’s cough seemed to be increasing and I’m getting worried. It’s hard enough having him sick at home but during travel, it’s even more worrying. I hope he gets better inshaAllah. N and H are making him honey-lemon but without the fenugreek or black cumin seed. I’m doing ruqyah on him. After all it’s Allah who cures him and we are traveling so insha Allah he should be ok.

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, I will be extremely busy inshaAllah. N and H did their HSI homework just now, and I had to remind them too. H did an infographic.

Tomorrow, they don’t have their Literature class, but they still have their HSI so I’m thinking that I will go out with the 3 kids in the morning and leave S alone because she has class. We are inshaAllah going to the Library via trolley, hang out there, read and then go back to the hotel. Afternoon they have class, so we’ll stay in the hotel from then on. I need to study and review too, so I should be busy too. Alas! Z deleted all the files in my camera, so I am not able to put any of the photos I took during our water taxi ride,  Peachwave visit, and Bricktown. Well, on Wednesday, hubs went out with the kids while I had my class, so I told them to take pictures of Bricktown while they’re out. So I do have some!

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