I Want To Go Back To The Hotel

“I want to go back to the hotel.”

That has become a refrain now in the house, coming from Z. Ever since we started driving back home from Dallas, he’s been saying this. It’s funny too, because of a particular mishap that occurred in the room.

I asked him,

“So what did you like best about the trip?”

His eyes rolled upwards in trying to give an answer and his face took on this delighted expression of recalling wonderful moments, and he said,

“The hotel, oh maybe the pool, or, the fridge.”

“The fridge?!”

“The fridge is the hotel.”

Don’t ask me. I don’t know what is going on in his head. Obsession with the hotel fridge? He didn’t seem to be playing with the fridge a lot when we were there. Maybe he;s just fascinated that a small hotel room, well technically a motel, would have a fridge. Since we also cooked using the rice cooker and did laundry, it was as if we were ‘home’. Maybe he thought it an awesome ‘home’. *Chuckle*

We had read the book A Drop of Blood, and when showing the circulation and digestive system, I told him the pathways of the the oxygen we breathe in and the food we eat. To this day, he is repeatedly asking me,

“When I eat, why doesn’t the food go to my heart?”

“Because your heart is for pumping blood. If your food goes there, your heart would choke.”

Ok, maybe not the most intelligent answer, but that’s the best I could come up with for now.

Having a kid really gives you a lot of mental exercise. No joke. It even beats doing a doctorate.

We resumed going to the library yesterday because I had books and DVD overdue, and even though I felt like passing out from lack of sleep and food, we went. Plus, our scanner didn’t work and I had to mail in my test that day, so I went to Hub’s office to use his scanner. What a way to start ‘catching up’ with life.

N told me she wants to take the 2nd quarter of Mammals, and so hubs paid for it yesterdy. She also said she would like to take the invertebrate class coming up.

We actually released our hawkmoths yesterday on campus, after the visit to hub’s office. H is supposed to compile a video of it that we will put on Youtube. It was an interesting experience. Z was devastated that we had to let them go.

H also started weeding the back and front yard and looking for jobs he can be paid for because he needs to pay back his debt with S. So he cleaned my vanity and I’m supposed to assess his work and determine how much he should be paid. He also has started working on his cardboard couch.

They are to start reading Where the Red Fern Grows soon and I need to recheck out that book so I can read it too. Right now, they’re still doing Huck finn for their BookStudy class.

The house is still upside down, but better than yesterday and I need to get enough sleep. The weather is getting cooler alhamdulillah.

As for hifdh, Hubby told H to review half a juz per day, so that he is reviewing 1 juz per day. I’ve been telling them about the importance of reviewing for months but of course, hubs doesn’t take my word for it until he hears it from other people who have credibility. He had talked to an imam from Dayton during the workshop, and I have been doing my random interviews too on the topic and other parenting issues. We really need to hang out more with good company, especially since hubs doesn’t take my word and random interview results.

As for N, I realized that she had forgotten the tajweed rules I had taught them months back, so while she recites to me, I would ask her random tajweed rules questions. Yesterday I forgot to do this, but I intend to do this pretty consistently inshaAllah just so she has a solid grounding in tajweed. I need to list and relist what I need to do. Oh boy, never ending.

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