S, N, H classes

H seems to be enjoying his Magnestism class and last week, he made an electro magnet which works and a motor that didn’t. N also concluded her 1st quarter of Mammals class and asked to be enrolled in the 2nd quarter. She also expressed interest in the invertebrate class. It’s good that she enjoys these classes, alhamdulillah.

Hopefully inshaAllah, we’ll enroll him in the Static Electricity class. S finished her Algebra I and she said Teaching Textbook style of teaching makes more sense to her than Math U See, so I told her to start on Algebra II right away, as her high school schedule is a little ‘messed up’ right now due to circumstances not under our control. We need to figure out a plan B for her and her TQ course. In the meantime though, once she is done with PSAT, I want her to start her other high school subjects on top of doing her TQ course. Might as well. Which means, more work for me.

Right now, I have a kindergartener to homeschool, which requires a different kind of work than the older kids, 2 in middle school and 1 in high school. With Z, I do a lot of cutting and pasting and reading aloud and real life learning in context. With the older 3, it’s a lot of juggling online and discussions and scheduling and keeping track and yes, unfortunately, nagging. I tried leaving them on their own, but it didn’t work. I wish it did.


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