Our Sunroom (Project/Learning Room)

When we rented this house, the thing that made me pick it was the sunroom. Previously, we had space issues, especially with homeschooling and the kids being inclined in arts and crafts projects. With this sunroom, they could work on their projects and leave it to continue it the next day. Of course, after a while, their on-going projects remained sitting and it drove me crazy. It wasn’t even on-going anymore.

So after the clean up and reorganizing we did a few days ago, we have Z’s Cool Corner/Space and H’s project station. The girls don’t use the room anymore, especially S, though they would still hang out there when reading or when they feel like indulging in arts and crafts.

Z’s Cool Corner/Space.


Now, it’s easy for me to do activities with Z, because I know where things are, and I taught him to always put them back when he’s done with them. So far so good. The hard part is keeping this up.


I moved this shelf from the other side of the room to this corner. I sectioned the whole room into H’s side and Z’s side. I will be working with Z on Z’s side. Makes it a lot easier for me and more motivating for me to do things with him amidst my crazy schedule.


My stuff for him that I hope Z can’t mess with because it’s higher than the other accessible things on this shelf.


Right after we finished setting up his space, he played with the seashells N had collected at the beach of an island we went to when we were in Sumatra visiting my grandmother and relatives in 2010.

He keeps saying hermit crab when holding one of those empty shells. We even have one that looks exactly like a marshmallow and this one in the pic looks like one of those yogurt-covered pretzels. Pretty cool.


H’s Project Station:


H’s electronic and cardboard engineering project station. He argued with me when I told him to just open up this table and use it. He claims it takes too much space, and yes it does,but with no table, his projects are on the floor. This table was the 3 older kids’ school and project table for about 6 years when we were in Ohio.


A crate for his cardboard materials and a trash bag. I told him to have a trash can nearby so he doesn’t end up just leaving a mess while he’s working on a project.


More cardboard material we had collected from the recycling bins at the mall.


More of his cardboard material


I hope this remains neat and tidy till we have to move out.






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