In 2001, I remember I had checked out a book, that is maybe titled Ouch!. My oldest was 3 at the time, but this book that I read to them, resulted in an activity that we still have to this day. After reading this book, because the kids loved it so much, I made these, to reinforce what was talked about in the book. It might have a been a bit too advanced for them, but subhanallah, we still have these today, and now Z is fascinated by scabs. So, just before Eid, I showed him these learning aids. Of course, impromptu-ly, I thought of making a set with his hands, so we did it right then and there, on the eve of Eid or was it eid of Arafah.

I looked for this book but there are quite a number of books titled Ouch, and so I can’t find the exact book that I checked out 11 years ago. I wonder which one it is.

My hand tracing done in 2001, 4 of them but 1 is missing. The top one is a fresh cut (with drops of blood), the second one is the blood drying before becoming a scab. Next is supposed to be one with a brown scab and the last one is a scab-free hand, as good as new. I made these by tracing my hand on construction paper and then drawing the scab and cut on construction paper and then laminating them between contact paper. Made in 2001, these lasted quite a while!


My hand with the brown scab on it. I found it on the floor on another side of the room. The wound-free hand is still missing. Ooh wait! it’s on me haha 😛


Tracing os Z’s hands. S helped him cut it and I drew the cut and scabs and cut them out and soon we had this on the wall.


I made these also in 2001 – showing the sequence of how the white blood cells would attack foreign matters in the bloodstream. This fascinated Z too. These ones, I dumbly sandwiched them in contact paper but without the contact paper actually touching each other, so the contact paper peeled off. I have to laminate them properly if I want these to last another 11 years.


I also made these : showing the progression of blood clotting aided by the platelets. When I was explaining this to Z, I reminded him of the mention of platelets in the book A Drop of Blood. We’re going to have to check out that book again from the library. Same thing with these, I dumbly “laminated” them.



I gave him these cutting practice templates to cut.


I got these from here. As I’m typing this, Z came to  me with my scab-free missing hand! Yay! So now we have all 4 hands made in 2001 ! Subhanallah.






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