Z Books : Cloudette & Germs Make Me Sick

I am not feeling well today and Z is sick too. I’ve been at work drawing and making educational game cards for Z, inspired by Umm Nu’man’s activities pack. I checked out books from the library, mostly from the science shelves. And from these books, during my break last week, I’ve been brainstorming games that can be made out of the info read in the books. The drawing is easy, but it’s the coloring that takes up time. S taught me how to use GIMP to color my scanned drawings, and I found myself addicted. It’s fun but it takes a long time, and it hurts my eyes. So I’m now down with a sore throat and achy eyes. But I couldn’t help myself, last night, I drew some cards based on the stories of the prophets. I plan to make card games for these, and I already hashed out my ideas with the kids (plan B in case I forgot my own ideas).

Today, since my tajweed class was cancelled, because my teacher also has a sore throat. She just got back from hajj. So I decided to read to Z, who had come upstairs to my bed asking to eat, but I was too sick to get myself out of bed, and the poor guy fell asleep while waiting for me. I woke up for my class and by the time it was cancelled, I was already up. He woke up soon after and he ate his sweet potato french fries, and honeydew, and we sat and read 2 books and then we watched Reading Rainbow on Vimeo.

We had read this book last night and when I asked him what book he wants me to read, he picked this book again.

Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld

When we read this book, I brought up that Allah is the one who makes the clouds rain. That the angels drove them by Allah’s commands and Allah orders the clouds to rain over areas He wills. Allah is the one who waters the crops (I reminded him of our trip to Dallas when I had asked him who waters those fields).

Then we read Germs Make Me Sick by Melvin Berger

And since we’re both sick, this book was VERY relevant.

Germs Make Me Sick! from WVPT on Vimeo.

Since we were on Reading Rainbow, I offered if he wants to watch other episodes. We ended up watching The Milk Makers and he picked the Life Cycle of the Honeybee.

The Milk Makers from WVPT on Vimeo.

From this episodes, I sneaked in some talk about him being allergic to milk and that is why he can’ t have cheese and ice cream that the rest of the family eats, but that we have to find him his own ice cream and cheese made from soy or rice. I also pointed out that since he can’t have milk, that is why he is getting the calcium supplements. In the midst of telling him this, he asked,

“Where are the eggs?”

He figured that since he’s allergic to milk, where are the eggs, since he’s allergic to eggs too. It’s either this thought process, or the thought process of how those cows get their calves. I had told him that he was in belly before he was born (we were talking about how Allah made the clouds rain and he said, no, people make it, and I said, no, people don’t know how to make those things), and I told him that I have eggs inside of me and Allah makes the babies grow inside.

The Life Cycle of the Honeybee from WVPT on Vimeo.

I figure watching old Reading Rainbow episodes are good for when I’m sick or can’t read or work with him. I hope to have those educational game cards done soon inshaaAllah, though I’m going to have the kids help me with the coloring and rearranging. I am hiring H to make card boxes for me for the cards. I offered him 1 dollar per box. He has started on soldering from Quick Study Labs and he started another Currclick class today; History of Weapons. N’s Mammals class was cancelled on account of Hurricane Sandy. I also started watching CNN Student News with N and H, and discussed the Discussion questions. With Hurricane Ike in 2008, we were in Columbus, and the tree limb in front of our apartment broke and we had a blackout for about a day or more. Hurricane Sandy is way worse, so I can only imagine what people in the east and midwest is experiencing.

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