Reading to Z

Today, I squeezed in reading time for Z. We read Fall of the Giant by Noura Durkee and One Watermelon Seed by Celia Barker Lottridge. I improvised some info in Fall of the Giant because some of the info didn’t sound sound to me, so I stuck with only what I know to be sound.

To be continued…

Nov 8, 2012 continuation:-

I had an idea for the One Watermelon Seed book, and exhorted the kids to help me with it yesterday. Am still in the process of doing it today, so we’ll see if we manage to get this printed out and tried out today(yesterday’s tomorrow) inshaaAllah.

Today, Z picked Badger’s Fancy Meal by Keiko Kasza for me to read, after waiting overnight. He had wanted me to read it to him last night, but I had just finished class and I had work to do so I told him we’d read it in the morning. This morning, of the first things he said to me when he woke up was “book.’

I had actually taken out the checked out library books from the bag and put them on the table. As I did so, I showed it to Z. After a while, I noticed him going through the books with interest. He leafed through them and after a while, he pored over the pages. It was after that that he asked me to read them to him.

As I read the book to him this morning however, I got a little worried. I tried to ask him some comprehension questions and even back tracked a bit for sequencing. He couldn’t answer. I wonder what his brain was focusing on while I was reading the book. I had to go over it again, ask him some more questions, and he just wanted to move on to the next book. This worries me. Does he have trouble with comprehension? When he picked the next book, he picked Let’s Go Rock Collecting. He seems to be more intrigued with science. He kept asking me where the rocks are.

So I don’t know. Does he have trouble grasping stories? And does he have an easier time grasping information such as that presented in science? Or it’s just that his mind right now is intrigued by science that stories for him are just entertainment.

As I was reading Badger’s Fancy Meal though, an idea hatched in my mind; that of making it a game or even focusing on the sequencing of the story, to make comprehending the story into a game. Time, time, time. I wish I could delve into this, but we’ll see.


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