Carrot Sticks

Somehow, Z is into math. I’ve been anxious about teaching him math because I fear my inability to explain it with patience in case he doesn’t get it but so far, he’s been getting things pretty quickly Alhamdulillah. I was on Richard Byrne’s website and saw Carrot Sticks, and one night, afeter trying it myself, I called Z to play  it. We used the Math U See manipulatives and subhanallah, he was so into it and kept on doing it until the question got to 363+3. By then, I was too tired and I told him we would continue tomorrow.

Once, we were adding 10s and a question of 50+30 = ___ had come up and then it came up again and I asked him what that would get and he answered

“A lot of tens.” LOL

I haven’t really done subtraction with him yet though, and on his own, he has played Carrot Sticks too while patiently using the manipulatives to figure out the answer. Then one day, we did mental math and I’d ask him an addition question and he would think it in his head and give me the answer and then he would make up addition questions for me. MashaaAllah alhamdulillah!

The only thing I don’t really like about this game is the challenge feature of it. Despite it saying it’s safe, you still worry  that some 50 year old perverted man would disguise himself as a kid.



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