Traveler With Quran 1: Sincerity

A friend and fellow homeschooler sent an email recommending watching this series Traveler With The Quran (Musaafir Bil Quran) as she watches it with her 6 year old and that it’s a great motivational factor for him to continue with his hifdh. I have heard about this before but never really looked into it. Last weekend, I did, and I am hooked. Suffice it to say, it motivated me as well!

In the series, Qurra Sheikh Fahad Al Kandari travels and meets with various huffadh, interviews them, and he also shares memorizing tips/advice. So far, I noticed that he travels to nearby Turkey, Egypt, North Africa, Chechnya, and I hope he gets to travel farther to Malaysia, Indonesia, West Africa, South Africa, Pakistan, India, for there are a lot more huffaadh all over the world  mashaaAllah.

It would be interesting to see the other methods of memorizing. I was watching the series last weekend and in Turkey, the method of memorizing was from the back. When we were in Malaysia in 2010, at darul Huffazh, the ustaaz did this with H with surah Shuura, and it was so confusing to him that even to this day, his grasp on that surah is weak.

One advice given by Sh. Fahad is to read the tafseer of what the child is memorizing so he understands what he is memorizing, yes even for an Arab speaking child. I find this advice precious, because so often you hear of many people memorizing the Quran, but not necessarily with understanding. I personally take this advice to heart and told H that now that we have finished listening to Al Kahf on Nouman’s Quran Cover to Cover, we will move on to the surah he is currently working on, Ankaboot. So, so far, everyday we are listening to tafseer of juz Amma, right now on surah Abasa, and then we do Arabic With Husna, and on Fridays we listen to Quran Cover to Cover, particualrly Al kahf. but we finished listening to Al kahf last week, so this week, inshaaAllah we will listen to Al Ankaboot. Quran Cover to Cover is not as in depth as tafseer, so it’s perfect to listen to for brief yet meaningful understanding of the surah inshaaAllah.

H did a wonderful job of revising on his own when we were all sick with the flu and I was thinking subhanallah maybe that was what protected him from getting sick with the flu. We were all sick except him. Subhanallah.

Hubs said that he was revising huge portions by himself and that AW said he did very well mashaaAllah. He has now memorized about 10 juz, and I have recently made a revision schedule for myself, to revise 1 juz per day, as so far, I have memorized the amount of 5 juz, and so this is the beginning of something of a struggle for me as I realize that I tend to do ‘avoidance’ of reviewing long surah because I find it intimidating and time consuming, but I just have to push myself to do it inshaaAllah. For H, since he has memorized 10 juz, the ideal thing would be for him to revise 2 juz per day so that every week, he would have revised everything he has memorized. But what is most important is developing a stamina for this, so we should start small and build up rather than plunging straight into something big.

The girls so far are not interested in memorizing as they view it as being too hard. I don’t want to force them but I ask Allah that He puts this desire in them and give them the taufeeq to, because I once, aso viewed it as hard and unnecessary. But with good company who kind of gently pushed me towards it, I began to develop an ardent love for it, and it was funny, because when I was making dua about it, I was kind of want-to but don’t really want to, and so when I asked Allah, it was somewhat halfhearted but for Him to lead me to that whcih is good for me.  Now, I hope I’m on this journey for good inshaaAllah.

Only Allah knows how bad I want this for myself and my husband and children, families and descendants. May He make us of ahlul Quran. Ameen.

Another thing I’ve started to develop a love for, is Arabic language. I intend to inshaaaAllah listen and relisten to these series, just to increase myself to listening to Fushah Arabic and familiarize myself with it, along with learning the grammar through Arabic With Husna everyday. H said that watching the Omar series actually helped him with the Arabic too, and so we may all watch Saladin again for the Arabic.

In this episode, Sh. Fahad meets with a young hafidh who is autistic yet like many autistic person, has photographic memory of the Quran, down to the ayah number, page, section of the Quran mashaaAllah. He also meets with a child prodigy with amazing memory capability who not only memorizes the Quran but also other books including Sahih Bukhari.

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