Calendar Notebook & Math

Alhamdulilah, I printed the calendar notebook, courtesy of Our Aussie Homeschooler, during the winter break and got it all bound, and now everyday, (or at least, almost everyday), Z and I work on it. He’s enthusiastic about it too, reminding me to do it everyday. So, we go through it, and it seems to be a good gradual daily exercise to  learning concepts in math, many concepts at that, telling time, coin values, addition, skip counting, etc.

These days, this is the only thing I do with him, and of course, his IQRA. In fact, he’s moved up from reading just 2 lines to a whole page now, though it really tests my patience. With all the fidgeting and questions, reading a whole page really tests my patience, which I don’t really have a lot of. But alhamdulilah, at least, he’s not zipping his mouth shut and driving me crazy.

We use the file folder game Cowboy Cash on coin value and type and now he knows how many cents a nickel, quarter, dime and penny is. Amazing subhanallah. I never really used file folder games before, but subhanallah, I find it to be a very beneficial learning aid. I even made some from Umm Nu’man’s activities that were not supposed to be file folder games, but it’s pretty easy to convert an activity into a folder game. I have even converted worksheets into file folder games. We also use our Math U See math manipulatives and this really has helped a lot too alhamdulillah!

What I have done less with him is read books and especially with flu season, I’m avoiding going to the library for a while. H has set up a ‘home audio stereo system’ in  his room with computer speakers and his ipod. He puts on the Quran to help him revise and memorize and Z stays in there because H’s room is the warmest place in the house. Our house is not really energy efficient, so most of the time we’re ‘freezing’, especially since hubs tells us to lower the thermostat so he doesn’t have to pay crazy heating bills.


A worksheet maze converted into a file folder game. I told Z to trace it with his finger instead of writing in it so that he can play it again and again. He is used to doing this with the Quran Story mazes series, so this is nothing new.


How we learned odd and even. We were working on the firefighter unit, and I decided to use the counting blocks to demonstrate odd and even. He understood even as the blocks not having any friend, and he seems to have grasped the concept quite well, that when you just say the number, without using the counting blocks, he can say whether it’s odd or even. Allahu Akbar!


This is one of the file folder games from the file folder farm. We used the Math U See manipulatives with this and I taught how to add by not counting both counters, but counting from the rod that is more, and continue on counting the second one. He seems to have grasped this technique really well too alhamdulillah!


H’s ‘home audio stereo system’


Working on his calendar notebook and using the file folder game on Money to aid in filling in the math sheet in the calendar notebook.


Initially I was hesitant to have him write the dates, and I had skipped it when we started the calendar notebook, but he asked to do it, so I showed him how to do it, and now, he would tell me, “I know how to do it,” and wouldn’t let me instruct him how to write the dates in 2 different ways. He does ask me “Why are there so many slashes? Why do we write so many Januarys?” I am not sure he understands the concept of month, day and year yet, but since he is doing this on his own, I’m not too worried about explaining the concept to him right now. He’s doing better than I expected. Alhamdulillah


working on the math sheets in the calendar notebook. These are what makes the notebook SO thick, but I decided to include it all together for ease and efficiency.




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