Older Kids


S made suoer quick cinnamon rolls for breakfast one morning because it was grocery day and we were out of breakfast ‘material’. This was made without eggs or yeast and was pretty much ready in about 10-15 min max.


I asked H to make me a desk for my spot in my room after salah, and he made me this desk, with a slot for our Tafseer and Arabic With Husna notebooks. This has made it so much easier for me than having all my things lying about on the floor.


We have a problem with the Mac wire being worn out because of its position when we use it o the couch, so H made a ‘Mac Dock’ where the wire is allowed to curve such that there are no sharp curves that would shorten its lifespan.


This is the part that is the most troublesome.

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3 thoughts on “Older Kids

  1. Assalam aleikum,

    Just a safety note regarding the 2nd and 3rd pictures of your entry, you should be careful with the proximity of electrical points with cardboard/carton/paper etc. These items, such as the computer battery charger, lap top etc, generate a lot of heat, and a spark (especially that you mentioned that the wire is loose) could bring a lot of trouble there.
    Aim for steel tray, or glass pieces you could put underneath the electrical items to limit any risk of fire propagation. Do not leave the items plugged at night. May Allah Protect all our and your homes always,

    Jazak Allah khair,



    • nadiaschooldays

      waalaikumsalam wr
      jazakallah khair! This is new info and very much appreciated! Will let my son know. Alhamdulillah we unplug them at night but this is good to know.

    • nadiaschooldays

      waalaikumsalam warahmatullah

      Jazakallah khair! this is very much appreciated and good to know. alhamdulilah so far we unplug them at night but I wil let my son know . Ameen to the dua

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