Tight, Tight, Tight

I guess I’ll do this in bullet points :

  • H is doing Algebra 2 now, alhamdulillah. He finally finished Math U See Alg 1 and started TT Algebra 2 upon my insistence
  • I really like WriteGuide. Seems like N is improving in her writing, and S just started sending her essays (off of Bedford Readers) too, once a week on Fridays
  • Z is doing well on his calendar notebook alhamdulillah and has just started Book 4 with IQRA and is enthusiastically writing out the tanweens on the portable white boards
  • we were recently working on idhaafah and especially the table of huwa, humaa, hum, hiya etc and I told N to make flashcards and work on it because she was having trouble with it. It caught Z’s attention and we even tested her and ourselves with it and all of a sudden, Z is writing anta by himself on the whiteboard, though he asked why there isn’t any tashkeel on the noon. He didn’t connect the letters though. This morning, he asked me to write antuma. This is what we call accidental learning. The older kids are doing something and the younger one picks up
  • I’m not doing that much with Z now because my weeks are becoming tighter as we come to a close on my course inshaaAllah
  • H and N are reading the Trumpet of  the Swan for literature
  • Alhamdulilah so far, so good in terms of my stress level in January, because before, when I saw what I was in for in January, I was anxious because it was going to be tight but Allah made it easy and I’m not as stressed as I thuoght I would be alhamdulillah. May it remain this way and get better ameen!


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