The Sunday School Teacher

So…..N now volunteers at the Sunday school. It has been like that for a while now. S quit because she couldn’t stand the little rowdy kids who wouldn’t listen (lol). But N seems to love working with the little kiddies. In fact, so much so that she is like the teacher that the kids love!

She plays with them, lets them ride her a horse. Once I came to the masjid and found her being ridden by the little girls. She said she has always wanted a baby sister and that’s why she loves playing with the younger girls. Hmm…how about that?

S has resumed going to volunteer at the girls and boys club with Jn. She doesn’t have patience with young kids. Oh boy. In this case, N is a lot like hubs. Maybe S is kind of like me.

Alhamdulilah…at least they’ve kind of discovered their niches.


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2 thoughts on “The Sunday School Teacher

  1. Kinisah

    Alhamdulillah Kak, thank you for the update diam tak diam dah almost 5-6 years I’ve been reading your blog!! keep the post coming ….

  2. nadiaschooldays

    hehe….baru nampak comment ni hari ni..aduhai…..thank kinisah!! HUGS

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