Definitely Definitely Not A Soap Opera

Days of Our Lives 2 is a continuation of Days of Our Lives, which is somewhat of a journal dedicated to homeschooling. When I first started out, I didn’t have any inkling of what homeschooling entails. Even after some prodding, the exact magnitude of effort required was still unclear. It was only after actually attempting it that I found out how trying yet rewarding homeschooling can be.

I, Nadia, am a mother of five (S, N, H, J, Z), homeschooling three children (S, N, H) in the United States. Born and raised in Malaysia, I plunged into the realm of homeschooling when S, my firstborn, was in preschool. From thereon after, I have been homeschooling my children, and have really learned a lot about parenting in the process.

I had started this blog not intending to garner an audience. It’s more of a homeschooling journal for our family, since I was too lazy to write it manually or type it on Microsoft word, and blogging seemed to be the way to go, convenient and nice-looking. But, over the years, people have come and gone, and if anything, I just hope that if there are benefits to be gained from the blog, that it will be like sadaqah jariah for me. Anything bad that may come out of it, may Allah forgive me.

Anything expressed in this blog, I intend as a way to document our homeschooling experience, and you will not find everything nice and dandy, for it will also include my dilemmas, and problems especially in parenting and homeschooling. They are not means of complaining or bragging in order to get responses, but merely as documentation of the hardships and also good days that we go through. I really truly appreciate those who drop by, giving me the honor of having some ‘relationships’ and online support (somewhat), which I never intended to have, but greatly welcome nonetheless.

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