Homeschool Transcript Seminar

HECOA hosted a free seminar on homeschool transcript and I attended this last Friday. It’s quite informative though I didn’t stay till the end. I had another appointment for my hifdh online at a time that I set because I thought the seminar was going to run for about 60-75 minutes but apparently, it ran for almost 2 hours. Alhamdulilah I did get a recording though.

Several things that caught my attention in this seminar:

  • many community colleges offer dual credit to everyone for free or they may have financial aid
  • since they open it for the public schools from the No Child Left Behind Act, they this have to also open it for the homeschoolers
  • but if they have no funding, they might not open it for free (which may be our case locally)
  • to attend a college level class, age is not a requirement
  • as long as you can do the work, it doesn’t matter how old you are
  • there are 12 year old homeschoolers who are taking college level classes
  • to start high school, age is also not a requirement
  • as long as the student can do the work, s/he can start doing high school
  • Diane recommends imagine the end and working backwards, meaning you look at what your child wants to do in college or in life, and work backwards from there
  • for e.g. if your child wants to do engineering, go backwards and find out the pre req he will need to complete his high school transcript in order to go to college to major in engineering
  • she got on the phone with 3 different universities that were in her son’s list that he wanted to attend and spoke to the enrollment counselors
  • her son was only 13 when she did that
  • each counselor had different piece of advice but putting it all together, she managed to figure out a plan for his high school courses
  • important to involve your children in the planning as much as possible
  • if they don’t understand the why of what they’re doing it’s harder for them to be motivated to do it
  • if child doesn’t know what to do in life, Dianne’s personal philosophy is to shoot for the highest
  • prep them for college anyway, if they don’t want to go, ok, but if they do, at least you have prepared
  • depending on the child, middle school can be eliminated, college entrance doesn’t look at middle school, nor do employers, it’s only high school that really matters
  • even the most stringent homeschooling law of a state can’t dictate your entrance to a college, because you are applying to enter that particular university, so look at what that particular university requires, unless of course you want to work with the government
  • so, if for example, the state says universities don’t accept homeschoolers, it’s really not up to them, it’s up to the universities
  • unless your state requires a certain number of hours, what matters in a course is just content, so if the child fulfills the requirement of the course content, then he can get the credit for that course
  • if you want to enroll in community college after you’re done with high school, you will have to go through the normal route and it may be more difficult, so if you want to get your foot in community college for easy transfer to a 4 year university, enroll while you are still doing high school
  • any college course is a high school Honors course because they are doing above and beyond a high school course requirement

After this seminar, I am thinking of skipping 8th grade for H. I’ve been thinking that for a while but this just sort of confirms it for me. He’s already doing Algebra I at 7th grade, though he complains it’s hard. For his science, I’m actually thinking if I can make it as a high school level Physics course. I have to do some googling and research inshaAllah. I want him to finish high school ASAP since I feel he can do the work, so he can focus on his hifdh before going to college.

With N, I sat down with her and asked her what she wants to do. She said writing. I did with her what I did with S. I explored her interests in terms of college level categorization. What we got was, Fashion Design, Creative Writing, Culinary School, Interior Design and Graphic Design. I told her to put these on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the least liked and 10 being the most liked. Her resulting interest scale was (from 1-10 left to right)

Graphic Design -3 Interior Design – 5 Culinary School – 8 Fashion Design – 9 Creative Writing -10

For Creative Writing, I told her about the requirements :-literature, literary analysis, Classics, Shakespeare and she still wants to do it.

I worry a bit, because even though her creative writing is pretty good, she does have a good voice and her writing is quite engaging, she needs more work on vocabulary, critical thinking, analysis. I asked her if she likes the Homeschool Book Study class, with the literary terms and discussion. She said she does.

I’m a bit skeptical, but if she is really interested, and motivated, she can inshaAllah do it. At least I know now what to focus on more with her. Well, I’ve known this too since way back, but I’ve never told her the requirements before. I also asked if she is ok with maybe doing college online. She seems to work better online. She tends to get lost in real life discussion even among her siblings. Online, she’s able to keep pace somewhat. So that is also an option. I also told her to read SISTERS magazine since there are a lot of sisters in there who have the same kind of interests she has ; writing and creative arts. So that maybe she can kind of get an idea of what she wants to do and how she wants to do it. When we talked about Creative writing, I told her that writing doesn’t really make a lot of money. She then said she wants to do art to. Hence my suggestion for her to read SISTERS. There are so many creative sisters in there who have started their own business in creative arts, and most of them are even self taught. If college is not N’s path, I think I’m accepting of that, though I admit that it was kind of hard for me to take in the beginning. I had to retrain my mindset.



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