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The Older Kids

I love homeschooling younger ages. It’s much more fun and you’re not that pressured by the educational system. Well, you’re supposed to resist the pressure out there anyway, but as college looms ahead, it gets less flexible in some ways.

But, I’ve been documenting Z’s progress and activities more than I ever have. So it’s time for updates on the older kids. I keep a record on my Google Doc. I have separate folders on the different subject areas and then I have separate folders within those folders for each child, according to the school year. Last year and the years before, we built our portfolio as we went. But this year, we decided to bind their portfolio instead of putting in a 3- ring binder. I hate those 3 ring binders too actually. So, I just gave N and H one of those portfolio pocket folders I had brought from Malaysia to put their papers in. I used to use those manila envelopes (that’s what we call them) for my artwork in elementary school. But last night, we ran out of ink on the printer, so I told H to just post his HSI assignment on google doc and share it with me. I will file it anyway. Then, at the end of the year, we can limit paper clutter by just printing those that we want to put in the portfolio. Saves money and saves the earth. I hope. Though I still require them to print their essays because I like checking those by hand.

Every week, they get an essay prompt in their Homeschool Book Study Literature class, and every week, I have they hand in their essays to me. I can’t afford to pay for the grading option with their teacher, so I thought I’d do it myself though I would love for someone else to critique my children’s writing for once. For HSI, I realize that I have to keep tab of their posted assignments on their class page. The HSI instructor said that the amount of their weekly assignments is up to their mother, so I have free reign here. Yes.

It cuts down on me having to think up an assignment for them, yet it still involves me so I know what they’re doing, so I love this!

They studied the Lost Colony of Roanoke this week and doing the Jamestown colony next week. I love the critical thinking they have to engage in in this class. It’s a different approach in learning history and I love it! Since S is doing World History, I told her to join this class too. Though I exempted her from having to write the essays I tell N and H to do. She will just discuss with me orally.

S has started her Taleem Quran. It’s everyday, Monday to Thursday, from 6:30 am – 1:30 pm with interactive group for about half an hour and a lunch and prayer break for an hour. So far so good, though I do hope she gets her study permit soon and is able to attend it onsite inshaAllah. I keep thinking that maybe it’s not good for her to be there on site right now and that is why she is still with us. We had talked about putting complete trust in Allah in our matters, where if we believe that He’s the Creator, we also then believe whole-heartedly that He knows best, and that He decrees based on His vast knowledge and ultimate wisdom. Sometimes, we plan and ask for things but we don’t necessarily get them or we don’t get them when we want them or we don’t get them at the time we feel we need them. By having complete trust in Him, when this happens, we have to remember this trust we have for Him, and accept this with patience and not be too hasty in discounting Him and complaining about the situation. Sometimes there is something we don’t or can’t foresee in our planning because we are only human. When our supplications are not granted right away, one of several things may be the case.

1. Allah is stalling it and saving it for the Day of Judgment – when this happens, a person will wish that none of his supplications are answered and that all of them are saved for the Day of Judgment

2. Allah is averting the person from something bad in place of granting the supplication right away

3. Allah is withholding it because it may not be good for the person to have it as requested

Waiting is agony. Waiting is a test in and of itself. We’ve gone through this test quite a few times in our life as a family. What I’ve also been reminded of lately is that sometimes, you think you are in a bad situation, but in actuality, you are in a better situation because it compels you to draw closer to Him by persisting in asking Him. Allah loves that we ask Him. People tire of us when we keep asking them but Allah gets angry if we don’t ask Him. So sometimes, we are kept in situations we don’t think is good because we are in need of increasing in forming that relationship with Allah. And that can elevate our status with Him, and put us in a better situation and position all around. Then, that situation, that fitnah, is now a blessing. But it depends on how we react to it. If it makes us draw closer to Him, then it’s a blessing. If not, then…

I’ve been mulling over this for a few days now. I feel it deserves a post, especially also after talking with a friend yesterday. She gave me great reminders and a lot of food for thought. May Allah reward her. Ameen.

But I still want to continue mulling over this, because it is worth mulling over.

Right now, I know and am reminded that parenting is a full time job. You really can’t hand your kids over to someone else and expect to sit back and have it easy. Seriously, if you want a good harvest, you can’t do this. You’ll be accountable for it in another way. Things have check and balance. That’s how it is in this world. That is how Allah has designed this world we live in, and carrying on over to the next, the hereafter. So, with that…I should for now continue to deepen my relationship with Him and take comfort in it, and continue to make dua for the children and our situation. The key is really that relationship with Allah. In order to attain that, there are sacrifices to be made. You have to put in the effort. Just like in any other relationships. You have to put in the work. For me, I derive great pleasure in seeking knowledge and all that geeky stuff. I feel that is my thing. Other people may have other things that float their boats, but my boat is the boat of books and knowledge. And that knowledge is to be put into action, and alhamdulillah I am a stay at home mom. It gives me my own environment and time to control and schedule, and it gives me enough flexibility to do acts of worship as much as I can afford. Who would have thought that I would stay home after graduating? I didn’t know it until I graduated. The motivation : the children.

Nothing happens randomly. Subhanallah.


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HSI: The Lost Colony of Roanoke

The 3 older kids are taking Currclick class History Scene Investigation. They had their first class today. They started today with investigating the case of the Lost Colony of Roanoke.  Since they were mostly just giggling and laughing during it, I decided to make them read the resources. When I asked N what her group’s conclusion, she said she forgot.I have a problem with attention span for this girl. I don’t know what to do. Even with her Science class, I don’t know how much she is benefiting.

They are supposed to do their reading on The Starving Time for next week.

I’m trying to figure out a schedule for them so they would be accountable for their post class reading and research, and I thought I’d post theYoutube resources I found on the Roanoke topic.

An old History Channel video :

A whole slew of Youtube videos on Roanoke

The Lost Colony – containing educational resources on the facts surrounding the era in England

Digging for the Truth

Mystery at Roanoke – History.com

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