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Z Books: The Emperor’s Egg, Guess What Is Growing Inside This Egg

Last night, we watched The Emperor’s Egg by Martin Jenkins on DVD, and right after, of course, I looked for Youtube videos on Emperor penguin dad and his egg.

This is really worth watching!

They are SO cute!

Now whenever I get these Youtube videos, I consult Z as to which ones to put on the blog. He enjoys being able to just get it from the blog, I think.

Today, we read Guess What is Growing Inside This Egg by Mia Posada. Again, I’m surprised by Z’s attention span now. I almost always expect him to turn the page while I’m reading it or start moving around, but surprisingly, I hope, I hope he’s paying attention to what I’m reading and absorbing it.

Many times though, I’d stop while reading and ask him questions like,

“What do you think this is?”


“What do you think is going to happen next?”

He almost always answers “I don’t know.”

Makes it hard to practice predicting, and such. But I found out that I have to prompt him by answering my own questions and just basically showing him how he can interact with the reading material. I hope this is working though.

He also watched Noisy Nora and More Stories About Mischief on DVD. But for this one, I didn’t really watch it with him. I observed that he likes watching these things with me. He seems to benefit more maybe from the bonding experience or just from me commenting more on it. Which makes sense.


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