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N, Her Cats, and Her Lily

N finished her oil pastel class this week. She finally finished her Lily and I think it looks wonderful though she says it looks horrible. But now that she knows the basic technique, I told her she can pretty much make a lot of other things. She wants to take the Jaguar one but I feel uncomfortable because it’s something animate. I feel bad enough that I’m letting them draw animate beings for the comic, but I take that as for educational purposes.

The previous week they didn’t finish the leaves, so this week was finishing up the leaves and the background

With art classes, I stick to inanimate beings. I just want her to learn the techniques and then apply it halal-ly inshaAllah.

She also did her live presentation online in her Mammals class. I didn’t see it of course, as she locked herself up in her room when she did her presentation but I asked her about it afterwards. She said her teacher said she seems to know a lot about cats, and that the students love her powerpoint presentation and wants to ‘steal’ it. She seems happy enough about her presentation. I’m happy that she did it and prepared for it and did a wonderful job on it mashaAllah.

Her Mammals I eWorkshop – Cats (NF).

For her live presentation, she showed a video of her topic of choice (cats). This video was taken years back at DDR, when the girls volunteered with training animals at the animal shelter to be friendly with people before they are offered up for adoption.

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