The Family

Hubby is the head of the household, mostly responsible for supporting, maintaining, and protecting the family, and that includes helping out around the house, like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did.

Nadia is the second in command, mostly responsible for the inner works of the household and its occupants, including raising and educating the children, and that includes seeking knowledge herself and also pursuing whatever it is she wants to pursue provided it is halal.

S is the oldest of five children, born in ___, in her mother’s junior year in college.

N is the second daughter, born in ___, in her mother’s senior year.

H is the first son, born in ___, as a graduation gift, after his mother’s graduation in the late 90s.

J (Julaybib) is the fourth child, who passed away in the womb in the 6th month of the pregnancy, in ___,  and was buried in Columbus, Ohio.

Baby Z is currently the baby of the house, a multiply-allergic tot (to wheat, peanuts, egg whites, dairy, and soy), born in ___.

How many children does Nadia have? Technically five. For simplicity’s sake, four, but she tries to say five whenever she can because she couldn’t leave Julaybib out just because he’s not there on earth, for technically in Islam, he is counted as a soul, who will inshaallah be a means of intercession for his parents, and whom they will hopefully get to meet in the hereafter, and in the end, it’s the life in the hereafter that truly matters, isn’t it?

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